It was a double celebration for more than 150 guests who joined hosts Andie Rees and Mark Braithwaite for some fine food, wine and excellent company at FOO’D by Davide Oldani on Friday, 20 April.

Guests comprising largely regional heads across various industries and executives from Odgers Berndtson’s regional offices in Sydney, New Delhi and Tokyo gathered at the iconic Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall for its fourth annual soirée and first CEOx1Day awards ceremony.

Singapore is the first office in Asia to launch OB’s CEOx1Day global initiative. The seven winners from National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University had the rare opportunity to shadow participating CEOs as part of the programme.

During the awards ceremony, Mark shared the challenges that business leaders face in a fast changing and ever more complex business environment.

“Leaders across all industries are facing a serious challenge as their business models become more complex on many fronts. The prime mover behind this change in complexity is the pace of change, brought about by advancing technology which is accelerating at an ever-increasing rate. “ Mark said, “This is not about technology as such, but about how people operate in an environment where business models become obsoleted almost overnight. Many leaders just can’t keep up let alone get ahead.”

Mark shared his findings from interviewing 70 APAC CEOs, “From face to face interviews with 70 APAC CEOs, we found that some companies are thriving in this accelerating business environment with the common link being a clear focus on cultural change that values mindset over skill-set. Relying on a skill set that is heavily predicated by experience can cause inertia when faced with the unknown.”

“Leadership teams need to learn fast with humility and authenticity being cornerstones of the collective mindset to be effective as a team. Humility and authenticity are just components of the mindset needed to succeed in the future. Odgers Berndtson has launched an innovative technology, called LeaderFit, to help our clients define the mindset they need to succeed in a fast-changing world and then measure their existing leaders and new hires against this. A more scientific approach to building leadership teams is now possible.”

The evening ended with special thanks to all the participating CEOs, students and their universities. Tokens of appreciation were also given to winners and participating CEOs from Bayer Pharmaceuticals, HP, Johnson&Johnson, Lloyd's, PropertyGuru, Saxo Group and Siemens Healthineers.

2018 CEOx1Day winners and participating CEOs

Matched with: Richard Bailey, President APJ, HP

Matched with: Angela Kelly, CEO, Lloyd’s Asia

Matched with: Vladimir Makatsaria, Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, Asia Pacific

Matched with: Elisabeth Staudinger, President Asia Pacific, Siemens Healthineers

Matched with: Hari Krishnan, CEO, PropertyGuru Group

Matched with: Adam Reynolds, CEO Asia Pacific, Saxo Group

Matched with: Claus Zieler, Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial Operations, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division Asia / Pacific


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