Siemens Healthineers President Asia Pacific to participate in 'CEO for a Day'

Joined by regional leaders such as Claus Zieler of Bayer Parmaceuticals and Vladimir Makatsaria of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Elisabeth Staudinger, President of Asia Pacific at Siemens Healthineers, will spend a day one-to-one with a university student in Singapore.

The initiative aims to create personal connections between the top leaders of today and talented students on the cusp of entering the workforce.

“It’s a great pleasure to support the CEO x Day project and I’m excited about meeting my candidate”, said Elisabeth Staudinger. “I see the shadowing experiment as a win-win situation – a student certainly brings a whole lot of new insights to the table and I’m happy to share about what a Day in the life of a regional CEO looks like.” 

Kenny Chen, who leads the event in Singapore, said, “We live in such a fast-changing world that the generation gaps between current and future leaders are getting wider and wider. We at Odgers Berndtson feel this is an excellent opportunity for senior managers and students to connect and learn immensely from each other.”

‘CEO for a Day’ will give CEOs an opportunity to engage directly with enterprising young people and will give students insight into what it takes to lead a major organisation.

Elisabeth leads the business for Siemens Healthineers in Asia Pacific since 2013. Being one of the few female senior leaders in her industry, Elisabeth has worked in international management roles spanning from procurement to strategy, marketing, manufacturing, and business unit CEO. She holds two masters degrees, one in economics and one in Chinese studies and history. Elisabeth is passionate about Asia and has a successful track record of building high performing teams across countries and cultures.

Other chief executives participating include Johnson & Johnson, Lloyd’s, Saxo Group, PropertyGuru and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Odgers Berndtson chief executive Kester Scrope said that despite some of the unrealistic expectations that many young people held, the experience of having an interested, intelligent young person closely observing and questioning one’s thinking was valuable for CEOs.

“I know from my own experience of taking part in ‘CEO for a Day’ that business leaders gain a fairly unique opportunity to connect personally with a talented young person whose perspective on their business is fresh, independent and often very direct,” said Scrope.

The event was launched in 2004, and has seen nearly 1,000 chief executives and students participate. This year marks the launching of the programme in Singapore.

“We’re delighted now to bring this to Singapore and work with regional heads from top companies to address some of the very real challenges around the future of leadership,” said Andie Rees, Managing Partner of Odgers Berndtson Southeast Asia.