Money FM89.3 Radio Interview with Saxo Group & CEOx1Day students

CEOx1Day 2019 Radio Interview with with Claressa Monteiro, Money FM89.3

Singapore, 10 June 2019 - Saxo Group CEO APAC, Adam Reynolds and 2 undergraduate NTU students Ligong Zhang and Rui Ying Regine Chan were invited by Claressa Monteiro from Money FM89.3 for an interview about their CEOx1Day experience, among other leadership & millennial topics. Adam himself has participated in CEOx1Day for the past 2 consecutive years.

Claressa and Adam talked about his motivation to spend time with undergraduate students, what insights Ligong and Regine had gleaned from their attached CEOs for a day, and the changing workforce for millennials- discussing and debunking the stereotypes against them.

Listen to their conversation here.


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