"I gained a new perspective on what makes a good leader" - CEOx1Day at Lloyd's

Aven Yi Jue TONG, 4th-year Economics student spent the day with Angela Kelly, CEO Singapore at Lloyd’s, on Feb 20th

“Prior to CEOx1Day, I had the impression that leaders have a clearly-defined set of qualities such as strong leadership style and business acumen. Top of mind when I think about a CEO is the ability to multi-task and delegate work. This is necessary as he/she is expected to stay on top of several tasks at any one time, maintaining both the high-level strategic vision while also being well-equipped with the operational knowledge on the ground. At the fundamental level, I personally believe that a good leader who can manage a business successfully must certainly possess solid work ethics and the interpersonal skills to motivate others towards a common cause.

Having interacted with Angela, I gained a new perspective on what makes a good leader. First and foremost, the passion that she has for the industry sets her apart from others. She continues to be excited over what she can contribute to the business despite being a seasoned veteran. At the same time, she relies on her situational awareness and adjusts her management style accordingly to achieve various objectives. This differs from what I initially thought about having only one leadership style. I see this versatility as an attractive attribute to have as a leader.

Lastly, there is a deeper people-oriented aspect which is equally as important for a leader. With the opportunity to shadow Angela in different business settings, I am convinced that being adept at forging interpersonal relationships, both in a professional as well as a personal capacity, is crucial in communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders across the business.”



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