CEOx1Day at Siemens Healthineers

Emily ENG, 3rd-year business student from National University of Singapore spent her day as CEO by shadowing Elisabeth Staudinger, President Asia Pacific at Siemens Healthineers, on Feb 22nd, 2018


Before participating in CEOx1Day, what qualities did you think would make for a good leader?
I've always thought there is just more to good leadership than authority, strength, firmness, and resilience (hallmarks of what people think a traditional leader should be; think Elon Musk, Captain America). And they're also all traditionally very... masculine personalities.

Having spent a day with your matched CEO, what have you learnt about what makes a good leader?
But I think good leadership, as Elisabeth so kindly showed me, also consists of empathy and connection, yet at the same time not reneging on the characteristics of what defines the traditional type of leader. It really is possible to have both! A leader who can juggle both not only gets the job done, but at the same time finds it possible to connect on a deeper level with the people around her, like employees, stakeholders, customers.

Leadership today also comes with a need for a vision, more so than ever. Businesses cannot operate with leadership gunning solely for the bottom line- people are increasingly seeing the need to pivot businesses for a greater purpose. In Siemens Healthineers, it would be ensuring high quality healthcare at affordable costs, for example. And it is important for leadership to communicate this higher vision to employees, for them to see that the work being done truly brings value.

Finally, I've also gotten a glimpse into simply how busy and hectic the life of a CEO can be. Elisabeth is an amazing juggler of tasks! And I am so so so impressed at how she can so beautifully manage nearly 10 different things at once without breaking a sweat!

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