CEOx1Day at Johnson & Johnson

Wenqi Ng, 4th-year student from Singapore Management University spent his day by shadowing Vladimir Makatsaria Company Group Chairman at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, Asia Pacific.


“A good leader to me is one that is able to align and focus everybody towards a specific direction or goal. This means that he or she must be able to see the big picture, garner the buy-in of the team, and motivate them to achieve what they set out to do. This requires qualities like vision, persuasion and good listening skills.

Vladimir exhibited all of those qualities and more. What I’ve learnt from spending time with Vladimir is that a good leader should act as the facilitator in discussions, help to get everybody's attention onto the right issues at hand and to arrive on the same understanding. The leader should also be personable and relatable, and be driven by a greater purpose that will help in uniting the team behind him or her.”

More pictures from his day at Johnson & Johnson