Read the stories of students and CEOs that already took part in the programme in other countries.


Alexis Lee: “To all students curious about what being a CEO really means, I would highly encourage you to apply for CEOx1Day. Unlike an internship, a mentorship program or leadership course, CEOx1Day offers a fully immersive, condensed and privileged opportunity to learn about a CEO’s thought process and leadership approach in his/her typical work setting. Nothing can get more real than that. More than that, CEOx1Day is not just a day-long, once-off shadowing event, but it has also given me friendships with the interviewers at Odgers Berndtson and colleagues at PropertyGuru.” (CEOx1Day Singapore)

Alexis Lee spent the day with Hair Krishnan, CEO, PropertyGuru Group. She was interviewed by Breakfast Club on Radio 938, together with Gao Fei and Andie (Odgers MD) on 14th March 2018. She was also on Channel NewsAsia’s morning show, First Look Asia on April 6th together with Hari Krishnan, and interviewed by Mediacorp Radio Capital 95.8FM on 5th April 2018.


Katerina Fragos: “Learning what drives Manon and gaining her perspective will shape the way I lead in the future. The experience far exceeded my expectations and the selection process was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Even though the final round of interviews was a competition, the Odgers Berndtson team treated it more like a training workshop. I knew that even if I wasn’t selected, I would gain a new understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

Katerina spent the day with Manon Brouillette, CEO, Videotron (CEOx1Day Canada).

Eloise Gagne: “I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with CEOx1DAY. Each step of the selection process taught me lots about my leadership skills and limitations and confirmed my interest in management. I also feel extra fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a day at Hydro-Quebec with Thierry Vandal. It was very interesting to see what an average day is like for him, get a behind-the-scenes look at running a major company, and discuss the many projects that Hydro-Quebec is working on at the Varennes research centre.”

Eloise spent the day with Thierry Vandal, CEO, Hydro Quebec (CEOx1Day Canada).


Helen Ghosh (CEO National Trust): “To give myself the opportunity to reflect on my role as CEO, and see what it looks like through someone else’s eyes. This kind of shadowing experience is always a great opportunity to think about yourself and your leadership style – because you need to be able to explain it to your shadower. And in the same way, you need to be able to be able to explain what your role as a CEO means in your organisation and environment. So it’s a learning day for you and them!” (CEOx1Day UK)

Stephen Kelly (CEO Sage): “It’s a privilege to participate in the CEO for a Day program, and I am excited to have a student walk in my CEO shoes for a day. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the next generation of awesome, diverse business builders develop, and having the honour of being part of their journey. At Sage, we’re always passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs – from our work with youth projects around the world with Sage Foundation to the apprentices we take on and train in the UK every year. I’d encourage more leaders to share their experience through shadowing and mentoring as much as possible.” (CEOx1Day UK)

David Sproul (CEO Deloitte): “One of the most important challenges that leaders face is building trust in business – the trust of their employees, customers and the wider public. Central to this is addressing the perceptions people have of corporations and those at the top. Taking part in CEO for a Day is a great opportunity for me to better appreciate what the younger generation thinks about business and, crucially, whether they believe the path to leadership is open to them. I believe business has a key role to play in building the skills and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.” (CEOx1Day UK)

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