About CEOx1Day

CEOx1Day – an event exclusive to Odgers Berndtson – matches students with top CEOs in Singapore, providing them with the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a CEO for a full day.

CEOx1Day is designed to uncover some of Singapore’s most promising future leaders.

Undergraduates apply to spend a day with a top senior leader to learn about the responsibilities and complexities required to lead some of Singapore's leading businesses and organisations.

At the same time, CEOs can better understand what drives the next generation of leaders.

Andie Rees, Managing Partner, Southeast Asia of Odgers Berndtson introduces ‘CEO for a Day’ event first ever launched in Asia in Singapore:



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Ryan Cameron: “The opportunity to shadow Jon Stanton and engage with corporate level executives was a fascinating experience. The day consisted of various meetings with the executive leadership team in Glasgow, a teleconference call to North America and a visit to Weir Group’s Research & Development Centre. Whilst walking around the research facilities it struck me how enthusiastic the employees were when engaging with Jon and this highlighted the importance of a global leader being visible to all levels of dedication required to be a successful Chief Executive."

Ryan spent the day with Jon Stanton, Group CEO, Wier (CEOx1Day UK)

Philippe Delusinne (CEO RTL Belgium): “It’s important to show younger people what a CEO does, how the company works and how we manage the complex human network within it. Rather than silently observing, Nicolas has participated, been proactive and shown a lot of interest in what our company does – there was a cross-fertilization between us – we have learned from each other. This a great initiative and I’m glad to be part of it.” (CEOX1Day Belgium)

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