On 23 March 2017, the 14th meeting of the Direcors Discussion Club (DDC) took place at the Moscow Exchange offices. Barriers in corporate innovation in Russia were the main theme of the discussion.

According to various pieces of research, in 2015-2016 Russia’s innovation environment got better but the level of innovation activities did not grow up. Barriers still exist on all levels – businesses themselves, state regulations and the domestic market. Participants of the discussion were looking for an answer to the question, What should board of directors of Russian companies, as well as state bodies and development institutions, do to remove the barriers and stimulate real innovation activities?

DDC is an intellectual space organised by Odgers Berndtson, Turner Group and the National Association of Corporate Directors in 2013. Board directors and senior managers of Russian companies, as well as experts focussing on certain areas meet informally to discuss hot issuer, share best practice and exchange experience.

Moscow Exchange kindly provided organisational support to the 14th meeting of the DDC.



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