A meeting of experts who evaluated strategic roadmaps of the Russian universities partaking in the 5 Top 100 Academic Excellence Programme took place on 6 March 2017. The meeting took place in the office of the 5 Top 100 Project Office and was devoted to the discussion of the 2017-2020 roadmaps of 15 universitites of the “first wave.”

The evaluation covered several areas:

  • Centers of Excellence
  • Campus Environment
  • HR
  • Education
  • Branding and international promotion

Two representative of Odgers Berndtson joined the expert pool this year: Elena Chernyshkova (evaluated HR) and Andrey Rakitin (evaluated Branding and international promotion).

The 5 Top 100 Programme was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to boost the development of the country’s higher educaiton and scientific sector and increase the global visibility of universities. In total 21 Russian universities have been participating in the Programme.



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