Our Leadership Practice works with Chairs, CEOs, and CHROs to optimise senior leaders’ capacity to deliver strategy and elevate performance. We formulate best-in-class, yet practical solutions to your most critical talent and leadership development questions such as:

Will the organisation’s leadership deliver the strategic, performance or investment mandate in the next 2-3 years?

  • Our solution: Strategic Leadership Capability Review
    Only 8% of leaders are good strategists and executors. and 83% of mergers fail. Our benchmarking of the executives and directors provides confidence, supports the identification of the best leaders who individually and collectively will in parallel drive new value and synergistic benefits to optimise the ROI of the strategy or merger/acquisition or identifies the risk mitigation actions to secure delivery of the aspired direction.

  • Our solution: CEO Succession
    30-40% of external CEO hires or internal promotees fail to deliver their role mandate within 18 months of appointment, although 86% of best-performing CEOs are internal promotes. Our partnership with the Board ensures internal contenders are objectively evaluated and given time to develop their capabilities so to benchmark on a par with the external candidates whilst engendering stakeholder confidence. 

Are the critical leadership teams optimising their collective impact to enable the organisation to out-perform?

  • Our solution: Optimising Board Performance
    Over 25% of Directors rate the Board impact at best “moderate” and 50% believe the skills of all Board members are not leveraged. We partner with Chairs wanting to move beyond diagnostics and optimise performance through future proofing strategy, effective decision making and dynamic governance ie generate 20% more impact.

Do the individuals being appointed to critical roles have the capability and potential to deliver the immediate and medium-term challenges?

  • Our solution: Executive Assessments
    30-40% of C-Suite or CEO appointees fail to deliver the required mandate within 18 months, diluting the organisation’s success. Our indepth insight, exploring the implications of scientific profiles, supports the Board or CEO avoid mis-hires.

What are the risks to delivering sustainable success due to the lack of step-up CEO or C-Suite candidates or investment into the high-potential pipeline?

  • Our solution: C-Suite Succession & Development
    More than 33% of C-Suite executives admit to not delivering their objectives. Only 29% of high performers have the potential to be successful in new and different situations and take on increasingly broader roles. Our identification of these individuals and mapping of “ready now”, developable or capped performers helps retain scare talent and underpins our customised resourcing and/or 3D leadership development solutions.

  • Our solution: Optimising C-Suite Performance
    High performing teams deliver >20% more economic value and senior leadership teams are least effective role models. Our stretching 3D learning approach ensures the CEO optimises the collective performance whilst delivering the strategic and performance agenda.

Our value to you

Executives and their teams are benchmarked against our LeaderFit™ model to identify their current performance and future potential. We offer light and in-depth assessments, which draw on robust psychometric norms, as well as design and deliver bespoke leadership development solutions consistent with your unique business and culture context, wherever you are in the world.

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