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Follow these 4 phases and you could be a CEOx1Day.

"If you pass the assessment day, it is important to look around you, not be too competitive and show who you are. If there is a good match in that regard then it is much more important than that you come across as the smartest or the most direct."

— Anne van den Heuvel, 2019 CEOx1Day Finalist

Benefits for participating students:

  • Real-world experience: The rigorous selection process provides valuable skills and experiences for future job searches. In addition, semi-finalists participate in group exercises and one-on-one meetings, thereby strengthening their presentation and interviewing skills.

  • Deep insights into personal leadership skills: Two out of three applicants will have the opportunity to receive a personalized leadership assessment and report from Hogan Assessments. The report will provide feedback on leadership skills, including relationship-building, goal-setting, and strategic thinking, in addition to areas of development.

  • Professional networking exposure: Semi-finalists have the opportunity to make connections with peers and professionals in the executive search field.

  • Putting valuable leadership skills to work: Finalists spend a full day shadowing a CEO (including one-on-one time), learning about their background, career path, and leadership approach, and take part in their daily activities, as they attend meetings, speak with organizational stakeholders, and other experiences unique to each CEO's workday.


All third- and fourth-year (Bachelors) and Masters students enrolled in a Dutch university or a degree-granting undergraduate program are eligible to apply for the CEOx1Day program.

The four phases of the selection process:

Phase 1: Applying for CEOx1Day

Eligible students must complete and submit an online application, which will be reviewed by Odgers Berndtson’s team of executive search experts.

Applications must include:

  1. Contact information
  2. University or college name and program
  3. A resumé summarizing the student’s paid and unpaid work experience, extracurricular activities, community involvement or charity work, and awards
  4. Academic transcripts

Evaluation Criteria for Phase 1: Applications will be evaluated based on each student’s avg. grade, the breadth of their work, volunteer experience and extracurricular activities. 

Timing for Phase 1: December 15 2019 - February 23 2020

Approximate Time Commitment: 1 hour

Phase 2: Assessment

A select group of students will be asked to complete an online assessment that profiles their skills, competencies and leadership potential.

Hogan has developed a custom leadership assessment for CEOx1Day applicants that identifies the strengths and competencies that reflect confident and ambitious individuals who handle stress effectively, are politically astute, dependable, and who value learning and developing new skills - The Hogan Personality Inventory assessment.

The Hogan Personality Inventory assessment measures your day-to-day personality, also known as the bright side. It assesses how you relate to others. Employers will use this assessment to determine how well you work with others, whether you lead or follow, and if you are successful as a leader and as a follower.

Timing for Phase 2: March 2020 

Approximate Time Commitment: 30 minutes


“The online leadership assessment helped me identify and further develop my leadership skills. The assessment has been extremely useful as I’ve started and progressed in different leadership roles since CEOx1Day.”

— Grace Jin, 2018 CEOx1Day Finalist
“Applying to the CEOx1Day program was instrumental in helping me refine my interviewing skills as a recent graduate applying into the management consulting industry.”

— Mikael Clement, 2017 CEOx1Day Finalist

Phase 3: Evaluation

Semi-finalists will be invited to a half-day session that mirrors a real-life job search and interviewing session at the Odgers Berndtson office in Amsterdam. They will participate in individual and group exercises — including speed interviewing and presentations — and have an opportunity to network with Odgers Berndtson’s team of executive search experts. The students selected for this phase will also receive feedback on the online assessments completed in Phase 3.

Timing for Phase 3: April 10 - April 17 2020

Time Commitment: One half day (+ travel time from your school to the Odgers Berndtson office)

Curious about travel and accommodations for CEOx1Day? Check out our FAQ for more details


"During the CEOx1Day semi-finalist round, I made many local connections and friends who I am still in touch with today. It was a great opportunity to meet other young leaders and build my network.”

— Akash Gupta, 2018 CEOx1Day Finalist

CEOx1Day Event

Each finalist will spend a full day shadowing a CEO and learning about their background, career path, and how they create value in their organization. Finalists will have an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with the CEO, attend meetings with their leadership team and tour the company’s headquarters and site facilities. Each CEOx1Day experience is unique to the participating organization, which ensures an even more meaningful and memorable experience for both the student and the CEO.

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