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Question 1. My company is interested in participating in the CEOx1Day program in the Netherlands. How do I sign up?

Answer 1. We’d love to talk with you about how your organization can get involved. Please contact Marco Nijenmanting, Project Lead, Odgers Berndtson.

Question 2. When does CEOx1Day take place?

Answer 2. The CEOx1Day event takes place in May, but preparation begins in the fall of the year when you’ve confirmed your participation (i.e., preparation begins in September 2019 and your CEOx1Day event takes place in May 2020).

Question 3. Do we get involved in picking the student finalists?

Answer 3. As experts in executive search, we take the time to match each student finalist carefully to each participating CEO. However, Odgers Berndtson will ask for any student preferences up front when your company is engaged in the process — and we will take these into account when matching your organization’s CEO with the best finalist.

Question 4. What kind of preparation is required for my organization?

Answer 4. We try to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for organizations to participate in the CEOx1Day program. After your organization’s participation has been confirmed in the program, we’ll contact you to get your CEO’s headshot, bio, and company logo, which will be published on our website. Then our dedicated CEOx1Day team member will work with you to develop your agenda for your event, and will help to create an experience that’s meaningful for both the CEO and the finalist!

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