Find out more about the process before applying to the CEOx1Day programme in the Netherlands.

For Students

1. Are graduate (Masters or Ph.D.) students eligible to apply for CEOx1Day?

Yes. The CEOx1Day program is open to all (third- and fourth-year) Bachelors and Masters students enrolled full-time in a Dutch university or degree-granting undergraduate program.

2. I have previously applied for CEOx1Day. Can I apply again?

Unfortunately, students who have previously applied to or participated in the program are not eligible to apply again.

3. Will I be informed if I am not chosen to move forward in the selection process?

Yes, applicants are notified at every stage of the process by email, whether they have been selected to move ahead or not.

4. How do I know that my online application was accepted?

Once you click the ‘Register’ button, the page will refresh and you’ll see the following message: “Your application was successfully submitted. Thank you.” If you don’t see this message, your application wasn’t successfully submitted. If you have any issues with your submission, email ceox1day.nl@odgersberndtson.com

5. What kinds of experiences do participating companies plan for finalists?

Each CEOx1Day event is unique — previous finalists have participated in a diverse array of experiences during their day with a CEO, including:

  • Visiting a diamond mine in Gahcho Kué mine located 300 kilometers outside Yellowknife (Canada)

  • Attending an international toy show in New York City (United States) 

  • Touring multiple offices and company sites

  • Taking part in media activities in front or behind the scenes

  • Participating in an ‘earnings day,’ where the company announces their results and the CEO fields questions from analysts and the media

  • Participating in a launch planning meeting for a yet-to-be-released product

6. I completed the Hogan Leadership Assessment Questionnaire in the selection process, but I wasn’t chosen to move ahead. Will I receive a copy of my leadership report?

Yes, students who have completed the Hogan Leadership Assessment Questionnaire but who didn’t move on to the next rounds will receive their report by email once the program finalists have been chosen.

7. I’ve been selected as a semi-finalist; can I indicate which CEO I’d like to be matched with, should I become a finalist?

During the telephone interview stage of the selection process, students will be asked which CEO they would prefer to be matched with and their availabilities. These preferences will be taken into consideration, but note that the final decision rests with Odgers Berndtson. As experts in executive search, our Partners and Consultants will determine the best match for each CEO based on each student’s profile, in tandem with their field of study and experience.

8. I’ve been selected as a semi-finalist. What can I expect?

Congratulations! As a semi-finalist, you’re one phase away from being selected as a participant in the CEOx1Day event. This phase is important — it mirrors the job search and interviewing process that you can expect to experience in the corporate work world — and thus, we take it very seriously.

Semi-finalists are asked to spend a half-day with other finalists at the Odgers Berndtson office in Amsterdam during the application process. During this half-day, they will participate in speed interviews and spend an interactive session reviewing their leadership assessment results with their peers. Semi-finalists will also have the opportunity to meet with individuals from the Odgers Berndtson team, who will participate in the finalist selection process.

9. I’ve been selected as a finalist, but the date for my CEOx1Day event conflicts with my class schedule. Can the date be switched?

We ask for semi-finalists’ availabilities during the phone interview and the date for each CEOx1Day event has been booked with the CEO’s organization months in advance. Therefore it cannot be changed. If you have a conflict due to an exam or project, Odgers Berndtson would be pleased to provide a letter to your school that outlines your involvement in the program. Alternatively, if you’re selected as a finalist but are unable to attend the event on the date that has been scheduled for you and your CEO, we’ll have to give your spot to another semi-finalist.

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