About CEOx1Day

CEOx1Day – an event exclusive to Odgers Berndtson – matches students with top CEOs in the Netherlands, providing them with the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a CEO for a full day.

CEOx1Day is designed to uncover some of the Netherlands' most promising future leaders and give them an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a senior executive.

Undergraduates apply to spend a day with a top Chief Executive to learn about the responsibility and complexities required to lead some of the Netherlands' leading businesses and organisations.

At the same time, CEOs can better understand what drives the next generation of leaders.

Ed van der Sande, Managing Partner at Odgers Berndtson

"We believe that CEOx1Day is a fantastic initiative for the best students and CEO’s, bringing in fresh insights and resulting in an unforgettable day. This program will ensure that the candidates get a true sense of a CEO's working environment, and CEOs are often challenged by the capabilities and way of thinking of the students. In that respect, a true win-win situation. We are proud to be part of this initiative."

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