Partnership is how we work. Talent is what we do.

To be successful, organisations of every size and sector depend on talented individuals, teams and leaders. We are here to address that need. At Odgers Berndtson, we help organisations transform and thrive through the talent we find.

To do that, we also rely on the very best talent to work with us. We draw on experience and expertise to deliver the best possible search and build collaborative teams that match our values:

Free-thinking, collaborative culture
We are a global partnership of businesses unrestricted by rules, short-term thinking or silos. We combine the freedom to consider the future with the agility to act today.

With our clients, candidates and colleagues, we strive to always be professional, courteous, rigorous and honest.

We stand for opportunity, inclusively, individuality, creativity, excellence.

Your career is in your hands; we offer opportunity and autonomy and are unrestricted by traditional corporate hierarchy. Investment in our people is an investment in our future.

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Management Assistant (36-40 p/w)

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