This is strategy disrupted

18 Mar 2019

This is strategy disrupted

As business plans become obsolete almost immediately whilst the competition and consumers throw up new challenges daily, this new book details the implications for business strategy.

As the exponential acceleration of pace, driven by new technology, overtakes our ability, as humans, to adapt, what’s it doing to business strategies? Can any long-term plan survive anymore?

To find out we conducted face-to-face interviews with 70 APAC leaders of big-name, highly-successful global companies, across multiple industry sectors.

Companies with a combined revenue estimated at over a trillion dollars. There were also a handful of CEOs of global companies, who had moved their HQ’s to Asia.

The results were startling, and we’ve gathered them into a new Odgers Berndtson book called ‘Leadership, Disrupted’.

Overtaken by change

The five-year-plan is obsolete. It’s overtaken by change within six months. Mature companies are really struggling with this. Their customers are behaving differently and so is the competition.

We heard how moving away from successful legacy business models and structures is tough for leaders and their people. The decisions are hard, execution is hard, and they can’t move fast enough.

“Our customer base is changing faster than we can see.” 

“By the time something becomes a visible trend, it’s too late.”

“We built a structure five years ago that was right, but today it is not. Our business plan from 2016 is not worth the paper it is written on.”

We learned enough to write a book

Our in-depth interviews identified strategy as one of the three common themes that are consuming leaders operating in this disrupted environment. The complexity they face comes from the fact that all three themes are multi-faceted and are all equally demanding at the same time.

We’ve packed our insights and examples into an easy-to-read book. For more detail about the blur of change hitting business and its leaders, and what to do about it, read ‘Leadership, Disrupted’. It’s available for online reading now.


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