It is a well-worn cliché of leadership that it’s lonely at the top. But need it be so?

Externally, there is no shortage of professional mentors or coaches who can ease the loneliness of command.

Based on conversations with numerous chief executives, chairmen and others, we examine the various constituencies to which a chief executive can turn and examines how those relationships can support the individual in the top job.

Equally, we test why each of these relationships may be compromised in ways that impede true candour. 

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Less Lonely at the Top

Kit Bingham

Kit Bingham is a Partner in the Board Practice at Odgers Berndtson, and Head of the Chair & Non-Executive Director Practice. Kit joined after a career in financial journalism and financial public r...



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If you want a friend, get a dog

how can the person in the top job can best be supported