How have India’s leaders in Technology learnt to thrive through the pandemic

17 Sep 2020

How have India’s leaders in Technology learnt to thrive through the pandemic

As the world continues to adapt to a new way of working following the COVID-19 crisis, our report looks at the leadership issues that resonate across Indian organisations operating within the technology sector and sectors that are enabled by technology.

Historically, advances in technology have been the major cause of disruption. It is not surprising that the technology industry is itself undergoing significant changes under the pandemic, particularly in India. This report provides key takeaways and leadership learnings following the crisis, and providing insight into how successful leaders are aiming to come out of the pandemic stronger than before.

Our downloadable report ‘Thriving in the pandemic – Technology Sector in India' provides a perspective on how leaders are fast tracking digital processes, turning disrupters into enablers, managing talent within their organisation, and the leadership lessons learned throughout the process.


Thriving in the pandemic - Technology Sector in India

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This report is a compilation of key findings from a series of interactions with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) on the Leadership Confidence Index report released by Odgers Berndtson in association with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

Our report explains and covers the following important areas:

  • The three factors within technology firms that had a positive impact during COVID-19.
  • How online platforms and technology, used the disruption caused by the pandemic, to enable advances in products and services.
  • How technology has changed the way we work with unprecedented collaboration.
  • Why the employee has become as important as the client, if not more. 
  • The lessons leaders at all levels have learned throughout the pandemic.

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