What makes a great CHRO?

22 Mar 2019

What makes a great CHRO?

In this ‘Role Models’ series, we look at the key traits needed to succeed in any organisation’s most crucial functions. Beginning with the CHRO.

At a time when it was known as the Personnel Department, paper employee files, basic spreadsheets, manual calculations and hand-written HR reports were the mainstay of an HR manager’s focus.

Today, technology has automated these processes and made them routine. This allows time and energy for a more sophisticated development of employees’ talent and skills and the challenge of building a company culture which both attracts and retains bright and enthusiastic talent.

New tech. New traits.

By definition, not all HR professionals can be great, so distinguishing the great from the good is the challenge. The emphasis on the functional rather than aspirational elements of HR varies greatly from one business to another.

But as more of the functional processes of old become automated, those with the ability to move quickly between the transactional and strategic, and can understand details and the big picture will stand out from the crowd.

Adaptability and flexibility will be the key characteristics of great HR professionals.

A detailed picture

Odgers Berndtson’s HR Practice in Dublin looked at the backgrounds of highly-regarded C-Suite CHROs across a range of sectors in Ireland. We also had conversations with Chief Executives seeking stand-out HR Directors to understand their expectations of ‘great HR’. Then, we combined this with our own analysis of the skills required for the future, based on the changing nature of the role.

Together with a number of key skills and competencies for HR leaders, we also identified the typical behaviours that stand-out HR Directors need to have to get noticed.

Find out more detail by downloading our paper: What makes a great CHRO?

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