We bring out the best in Psychometric Testing

19 Sep 2022

We bring out the best in Psychometric Testing

In a well-rounded search process, integration of results with personal exploration unearths a person’s essence.

We asked a large number of those involved in the hiring and development of talent about Psychometric Assessment.

One of the key findings that emerged was the frequent generalisation and the failure of the tools to offer a bespoke report that is pertinent to the individual, the role and the organisation. Unfortunately, this can be very true of standard Psychometric tools and processes.

At Odgers Berndtson, we pride ourselves on offering a tailored, bespoke approach to assessing individuals for Selection or Development. We combine leading psychometric tools with in-depth validation interviews to offer a rich, robust lens through which to view an individual. We understand that there is no one ‘good’ type of leader; it’s contextual. We identify the key markers of what ‘great’ looks like for them and ensure that the report is tailored to the role and organisation by including a job/fit matrix based on key competencies. We also explore individual derailers ensuring that a client interview can be structured around individual strengths and areas of development, taking the guess work out of interviewing.

In short, data is linked with tangible, real life examples which helps to reach a robust, in-depth view of the whole person, and how that person is likely to suit the profile and goals of a given position.

If you'd like to hear more about Odgers Berndtson Ireland Psychometric Assessment, reach out to chat to our Senior Consultant in Leadership Assessment, Kate McCormack here.

Check out the results of a recent survey we did with those involved in the hiring and development of talent below.

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Odgers Berndtson Ireland - Latest Insights into the World of Psychometric Assessment

As an extra lens through which candidates can prove their worth, the value of psychometric testing is most beneficial when integrated with other forms of appraisal, human expression and real-life contexts.

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