Preparing the ground for a fresh career challenge

29 Nov 2018

Preparing the ground for a fresh career challenge

If it feels like the right time to move on, how do you start looking for a new leadership role?

Perhaps it’s been a long time since you last actively looked for a new senior executive role. Or maybe you’ve risen through the ranks in your current organisation without ever having to find a leadership position in the open market. 

Either way, developing your career by moving to a new organisation can seem a daunting prospect. Where even to begin? 

To help take the pain and uncertainty out of the situation, we have produced our Career Strategies series that we believe you’ll find helpful.

Reading them could conceivably spur you on to hunt for a new C-suite level role with renewed vigour…and greater focus and effectiveness. Together, they provide sound advice on landing a top job and maximising your opportunities at the offer stage and, later, once in post.

Appropriately enough, however, this first article covers the initial steps you should take when considering making a move.

Google yourself!

As well as using their established networks, recruiters (in-house and specialist search firms like us) increasingly use social media to identify and engage with high calibre individuals. 

So, check out your online profile. If you can’t be found by our Researchers, you will only be considered for opportunities that you proactively select, not those you know nothing about. An opportunity (or two) lost, perhaps.

Commit to your objective

In the same way that you’ll schedule time in your diary to deliver on your corporate goals, commit time in your diary for applying, networking and following up on conversations.

The vast majority of career moves happen as a result of an individual’s network, as it is through the network that you will hear about potential opportunities or be mentioned in the course of conversation. Reignite your network and start increasing your visibility within the market.

Get the right message out

Your reputation in the marketplace is critical. Think about the message you’re conveying when you’re engaging with your network. 

Will people think that you just want any new job? Or will they think that you’re motivated, ambitious, clear on your personal goals and ready for your next career move? 

Clarity always counts in your favour.

Engage with executive search firms

Take the time to engage with executive search firms and recruitment consultants if they reach out to you. Even if you’re not interested in the primary role they have on offer, make the time to talk as it could lead to something more desirable in the future.

At Odgers Berndtson, we’ve spent over half a century helping many of the world’s best organisations find the right senior talent to drive their agendas. If you have what it takes to fill a senior leadership position, we’d certainly like to hear from you.

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