Odgers Interim named number 1 interim provider in the UK

12 Aug 2015

Odgers Interim named number 1 interim provider in the UK

As Interim Business Explodes in Canada with a 40% Increase in Revenues

Odgers Interim, a division of Odgers Berndtson, has been named the #1 Interim provider by the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) – a UK-based professional membership association for practitioners of interim management. A survey of more than 2,000 interim managers ranked Odgers Interim at the top spot for the second year in a row. This comes on the heels of a recent expansion of Odgers Interim in Canada – the country’s leading executive interim provider. Earlier this year, Odgers Interim added to its team in Toronto and Calgary in response to the increasing demand from organizations for interim executives.

According to Grant Speed, Managing Director of Odgers Interim in the UK, securing the top spot in the IIM’s provider rankings is a testament to the expertise and commitment of the Odgers Interim team. “We are again humbled to receive such a positive endorsement from the interim management community.”  

In Canada, Odgers Interim has experienced double digit growth since launching in 2010, with business this year up more than 40 per cent over last year. “A growing number of companies have found that hiring an interim executive offers them a competitive advantage,” said Jason Peetsma, Managing Director of Odgers Interim in Canada. “The ability to have rapid access to an experienced executive when you need it most, and on very flexible and cost effective terms, is allowing companies to innovate business lines, turn projects around, transfer knowledge, and enter new markets faster and with more impact. This represents a major shift in the way companies think about solving business problems through the strategic use of human capital.”

Kognitive Marketing is one of the companies that used Odgers Interim services in 2014. Named the fastest-growing marketing company in Canada in 2014, and ranking in the top 10 of the PROFIT 500 list, the organization needed help taking their business to the next level. Though the Kognitive team was looking for senior financial guidance to help match systems and processes to the new scale of operations, a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) was not in the budget.

With Odgers Interim’s support, Kognitive hired Joe Prodan as their Interim CFO. As a proven CFO who had already worked with rapidly expanding start-ups such as Bell ExpressVu, Sirius Radio and Mobilicity, Joe’s experience in helping companies through the sometimes painful transition to success gave him the insight to guide Kognitive along a similar path. As an interim hire, Joe worked on compressed timelines to identify technology solutions that would allow the business to grow further, such as a new payroll system and a redesigned commission engine.

“After only three days on the job, he knew at a high level all the things we had to get done,” said Josh Singer, President of Kognitive Marketing, who credits Joe with helping the company significantly increase its revenues and profitability.

“When companies realize they can bring on talent this quickly and with fewer risks, they are able to try more things,” said Jason Peetsma. “And this drives innovation, which in turn drives productivity and growth.”