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Our insights, advice and tips on making the right career moves. Moving on or moving up, starting out or changing course, here’s how to do it well.

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Preparing for a Change - Career Strategies Series #1

With light now at the end of the Covid tunnel, does it feel like the right time to move on? If so...


Your Personal Brand: Are you giving it the attention it deserves? - Career Strategies Series #2

This blurred the boundaries between working from home and ‘living’ in the office, forcing many to...


Work with an Executive Search Firm: Lay the foundations for your next move, now or later - Career Strategies Series #3

A Bureau of Labor Statistics survey found that in the US, people tend to change job an average of...


Make Sure Your CV Adds Value - Career Strategies Series #4

A quick Google search for tips on how to write a CV generates over 100 million results. Yet despi...


Make Your Cover Letter Count - Career Strategies Series #5

From an executive search firm’s perspective, the decision on your suitability for a role will nev...


Client Interview: Be the one who stands out in person and online - Career Strategies Series #6

The blurred boundaries between working from home and ‘living’ in the office are forcing many to e...


Techniques to Ace a Competency-Based Interview - Career Strategies Series #7

What is the purpose of a competency-based interview? Behavioural or competency-based interviews...


Psychometric Assessments - Career Strategies Series #8

They offer an extra lens through which to view a person and play a part in forming a more complet...


The Offer: How to negotiate your package and your resignation - Career Strategies Series #9

We advise candidates to consider the initial offer for 24 to 48 hours before responding. How to r...


New Jobs, New Start - Career Strategies Series #10

Congratulations, you’ve been chosen above all other applicants and can be fully justified in feel...

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