What CEOs are saying about the nation's future business leaders

As part of our CEOx1Day programme, we asked UK CEOs from a range of successful businesses about what they’d like to see in future talent.

The opportunity for a student to experience a job with board level seniority isn’t an everyday one. As part of the CEOx1Day programme, an educational initiative by Odgers Berndtson, we asked 20 of the leading UK CEOs for their top tips for students entering the world of work. The CEOs also clued us in on how business is changing and what it means for a new generation starting out.

Here are some of their perspectives:

  1. “Attracting the right calibre of individual is paramount. Leaders of the future must be prepared to think differently to deliver results” writes Anne Jessopp, CEO of the Royal Mint. “As Chief Executive, I look for talented individuals that have a trained brain and sound academic skills, but who are also agile learners. The Royal Mint requires future leaders to be outward-looking and customer-focused, with the breadth of experience to grasp any opportunity presented to them.”

  2. Charlotte Hogg, CEO of Visa Europe, states “The biggest challenge is empowering the next generation of talent to speak out and have their voices heard. We encourage everyone to be a leader at Visa, we want everyone to have a voice and we need the next generation of leaders to step forward and lead this period of change.”

  3. CEO of SEGRO, the property investment and development company, David Sleath, said that technology is “transforming the way we live our lives”, and “the successful leaders of the future will be those who are most tuned in to how technology will continue to revolutionise the world.”

  4. David Wild, CEO, Dominos UK, says that young people embarking on their career should “have a vision”, “have a passion for their customers”, “have an opinion” and ultimately, “have fun”. “Do something you enjoy and are passionate about so it’s easy for you to get out of bed in the morning”.

When talking about recruiting the next generation of leaders, David Wild continues, “To drive innovation, we need the next generation of digital natives to help progress our strategy for an evolving technological world. We need young minds who understand our Millennial consumer base because they are part of it and can help shape the products and convenience they’re looking for.”

An early insight into board level life

Students have the opportunity to work with 25 CEOs of the world’s top companies as a part of CEOx1Day. So far, the programme has received in excess of 18,000 applications around the world, with more than 400 students and CEOs having completed a very special working day.

For one student in the UK, it led directly to employment.  Vikesh Mistry from De Montfort University joined Kier Group after his pairing with Haydn Mursell, CEO of the construction giant.

Among the 21 CEOs taking part in UK CEOx1Day 2019 are:

If you’re a UK student and would like to know more about how you can join a CEO and gain work experience starting at the top, please follow this link and learn more about the application process.