Season 3

Read the stories of those who took part in the CEOx1Day programme in season 3.

CEOx1Day at Oy Halton Group Ltd


“We had great discussions throughout the day from the topics of leadership and communication as well as experiences from the CEO’s career. It was great of him to share his wisdom on these topics, it really gave me food for thought regarding my career plans, and what type of leader would I want to be someday, if given the opportunity.”

Elina Nurminen, University of Vaasa, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Halton, pictured with President & CEO at Kai Konola

CEOx1Day at Konecranes


“Applying is totally worth it. No matter how many parts of the process you get to participate in, you will definitely learn something.”

Lauri Hallavo, Aalto University School of Business, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Konecranes, pictured with President and CEO Panu Routila

CEOx1Day at Normet Group


“This is a great opportunity to learn so many things. Apart from the day with the CEO itself, one gets to learn so much throughout the selection process as well. There is learning involved at every step of the way. The entire experience has given me a sense of self-confidence.”

Sahil Azher Rashid, Tampere University of Technology, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Normet, pictured with President and CEO Robin Lindahl

CEOx1Day at Uponor Corporation


“It definitely gave insight on what experiences to seek, what skills to develop and also how it would be to work at the C-level of a large corporation. I would say I’m much more inclined to understand that side of the table now.”

Roope Lääkkölä, Aalto University School of Business, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Uponor, pictured with President and CEO Jyri Luomakoski

CEOx1Day at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


“Spending a day with a CEO gives you the steepest learning curve for understanding the immense pressure and communication requirements that are placed upon a Chief Executive Officer. Moving from meeting to meeting with clients and the Management Team leaves you breathless, in the best way. As an ambitious student, you want to be challenged and given responsibility. My day at VTT truly lived up to this expectation. Changing circumstances and unexpected additions to your daily schedule keep you on your toes.”

Ville Kotiranta, Oulu Business School/University of Oulu, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at VTT, pictured with President and CEO Antti Vasara

CEOx1Day at Lassila & Tikanoja

Lassila & Tikanoja

“I definitely recommend applying for the CEOx1Day programme. During each selection round, you learn about yourself and about applying for jobs, and about whether leadership roles are something for you. There is nothing to lose but a lot to win in this competition.”

Felix von Renteln, Åbo Akademi/University of Helsinki/Hanken School of Economics/Karolinska Institute, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Lassila & Tikanoja, pictured with President and CEO Pekka Ojanpää

CEOx1Day at Deloitte


“CEOx1Day has changed my life. I learned so much about myself during the process and I feel more confident now. The program opened my eyes to opportunities I didn’t even know existed. The application process may seem daunting, but it really isn’t. Every process teaches you something valuable and now looking back, this really was an experience of a lifetime.”

Ella Jalo, Åbo Akademi, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Deloitte, pictured with CEO and Country Managing Partner, Finland Tomi Pitkänen

CEOx1Day at Pihlajalinna

"I will definitely recommend students from different study fields than the 'standard ones' to participate the CEOx1Day process. It is important to learn about your own capabilities. I would say that glory comes from daring to begin – from daring to apply and taking the chance. It’s not only about meeting a CEO but going through the process and gaining information."

Elina Mäkinen, University of Eastern Finland, CEOx1Day 2017 finalist at Pihlajalinna, pictured with CEO Aarne Aktan

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