Season 2

Read the stories of those who took part in the CEOx1Day programme in season 2.

CEOx1Day at Pihlajalinna

CEOx1Day at Pihlajalinna

“The day inspired me to aim even higher than before and increased my willingness to take all the great chances that will hopefully come in the future. It also gave me a strong belief that I should not overthink my career path. Instead of that, the most important thing is to take action.”

Joshua Moorrees, University of Eastern Finland, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Pihlajalinna, pictured with President & CEO Aarne Aktan

CEOx1Day at Uponor


“The day was an eye-opening experience that there are so many interesting companies – employers – that I don’t know almost anything about. So many companies can offer interesting work places so it is perhaps not wise to stress that much about where to find a ‘right’ workplace where one can be happy and satisfied.”

Sini Saalasti, University of Tampere, CEO x 1 Day 2016 finalist at Uponor, pictured with President & CEO Jyri Luomakoski

CEOx1Day at Moomin Characters

Moomin Characters

“After the process I know my strengths and development areas better. I also feel stronger desire to work with strategy. I was able to apply things from my work and studies in the simulation part as well as during the CEOx1 Day event. The experience I have helped me to frame the issues better and ask specific questions about the business and analyze different situations better.”

Jesse Ketonen, Aalto University School of Business, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Moomin Characters, pictured with Managing Director Roleff Kråkström

CEOx1Day at Lassila & Tikanoja

Lassila & Tikanoja

“It was one of Pekka Ojanpää’s aims to present some of the positions that my educational experience would allow to do in L&T. It helped a lot since I had a chance to talk to many people and see them working that I hadn't even thought about before."

Tomi Mankinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Lassila&Tikanoja, pictured with President & CEO Pekka Ojanpää

CEOx1Day at Alko


“This experience has made my views on leadership and managing a big company more realistic than before, as well has grown my appetite to push it further. I am also optimistic to gain serious advantage for my future career development from this experience.”

Anton Vanamo, Aalto University School of Chemical Technology, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Alko, pictured with President & CEO Hille Korhonen

CEOx1Day at Cargotec


“A graduate should not be afraid to take on big challenges and responsibilities but also bear in mind that one’s career should be seen as a game of chess: always consider the doors available to you after taking a certain path.”

Eero Toppinen, Turku School of Economics, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Cargotec, pictured with President & CEO Mika Vehviläinen

CEOx1Day at Deloitte


“These kind of opportunities are unique for students to learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, leadership and business overall. This program brings together talented individuals and I truly believe that sharing your thoughts and ideas - interacting with others will boost your learning curve also. The CEO x 1 Day program is an amazing opportunity to get mentoring from highly experienced and inspirational professionals.”

Karoliina Pohjanheimo, Turku School of Economics, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Deloitte Finland, pictured with Managing Director Tomi Pitkänen (right)

CEOx1Day at Marimekko


“I found the application process highly useful, for I was forced to reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses on a whole new level; it was no longer about what I can do personally, but how my skills and personality traits can be useful in business on a nationwide, and international scale. It was scary and useful to be pushed just by competing against other likeminded, same aged people from similar kinds of educational backgrounds. The process crystallized even more my essential strengths and helped me to discover how to use them in a business setting.”

Linda Helistö, University of Tampere, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Marimekko Corporation, pictured with President Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko


CEOx1Day at Comptel


”The program gives a first-hand possibility for curious career-driven students to have a peek inside the life of a CEO. Not many students have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with CEOs that many of the students may look up to. Meeting a CEO can give students the opportunity to have personal advice on the skills and attributes needed to work in a top executive position. It always enables students to share their thoughts and ideas with the CEO. The program is a truly exclusive learning opportunity!”

Kaisa Hautamäki, Tampere University of Technology, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Comptel, pictured with President & CEO Juhani Hintikka

CEOx1Day at Lemminkäinen


”For me, the Hogan assessment and feedback session were the most interesting and valuable part outside of the actual CEOx1Day. I liked that so much that HR mentoring started to interest me. Knowing better what kind of a job I would probably enjoy doing and knowing myself better.”

Mikael Hautala, Tampere University of Technology, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Lemminkäinen, pictured with President & CEO Casimir Lindholm


CEOx1Day at Fiskars


“Say yes to applying, every chance is an opportunity. If you hesitate because you think your chances are not that good, you should think it as a practice to recruiting. Apply, you won’t regret it.”

Rafael Rantanen, University of Vaasa, CEOx1Day 2016 finalist at Fiskars, pictured with President & CEO Kari Kauniskangas


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