Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the CEOx1Day programme.

1. Who is eligible to apply?

The program is open to graduate students from the institutions listed on the homepage. We are currently not accepting applications from other educational institutions.

You must have at least 150 recorded study points at the time of applying. Foreign exchange students in Finland studying at the listed universities are also warmly welcomed to participate.

2. I have less than 150 study points from my current studies. Can study points from my previous degree be included in the number of study points?

Yes, the number of study points can include a previous degree. For example, if you are currently enrolled in a Master's program, you may include the study points from your Bachelor's degree. If you are a foreign student, your studies outside of Finland can be counted towards the minimum requirement of 150 study points.

3. I have applied previously. Can I apply again?

You can apply again as long as you presently fulfil the program requirements listed above.

4. Will I be informed if I am not chosen to move forward in the selection process?

Yes, applicants are notified at every stage of the process by email whether they have been selected to move ahead or not.

5. How do I know that my online application was accepted?

The application form will confirm a successful application. If something goes wrong during the application process, please e-mail ulla.ahola@odgersberndtson.com 

6. I have worked as an intern/summer student at one of the companies involved in CEOx1Day. Does this disqualify me from the program?

No, this does not disqualify you from the program, as long as you meet the required criteria to submit an application.

7. How are winners selected?

There are specific criteria that students must meet to move through each phase of the program. The evaluation criteria for each phase can be viewed here.

8. I have been selected as a semi-finalist; can I indicate which CEO I would like to be matched with should I become a finalist?

Students will be asked in the interview stage which CEO they would prefer to be matched with, and these preferences will be taken into consideration, but the final decision rests with Odgers Berndtson. As experts in executive search, our partners and consultants will determine the best match for each CEO based on the student’s leadership profile, field of study and experience.

9. I have been selected as a semi-finalist to participate in the activity day but I am unable to attend in person. Can I still be considered as a finalist?

Semi-finalists are required to be present in Helsinki all day for the activity day without exception. If you have a conflict due to an exam or other school projects, Odgers Berndtson would be pleased to provide a letter to the university outlining your involvement in the program. If you are unable to attend, you will not be able to move forward in the selection process and we will give your place to another applicant. Please inform us of any conflicting dates as soon as you can during the process.

10. I have been selected as a finalist but the date for my CEOx1Day event will conflict with my class schedule, can the date be switched?

The date for each CEOx1Day event has been booked with the CEO’s organisation months in advance and therefore it cannot be changed. If you have a conflict due to an exam or other school projects, Odgers Berndtson would be pleased to provide a letter to the university outlining your involvement in the program. If you are selected as a finalist but are unable to attend the event on the day that has been scheduled with the CEO, we will have to give your spot to a semi-finalist.

Have a question that has not been answered here? Please e-mail ulla.ahola@odgersberndtson.com 

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