Virta Tokyo 2020

Virta Tokyo 2020 is an Olympic-level training group for Finnish executives

Every athlete aiming for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 needs a multi-professional team behind them. This team plays a significant role in optimizing the athlete’s best performance. Sport at the top level is team work where all professionals have their own important role.

The Tokyo 2020 training program for executives by Virta Valmennus has created a team to support you and your fellow team members to take your performance to the next level.

The program is a lot more than just sport. It is a holistic process aiming at sustainable top performance in all areas of your life.

The training team includes Pippa Laukka (sport physician), Petteri Kilpinen (management trainer), Antti Hagqvist (trainer for top athletes and executives) and Patrik Borg (nutrition specialist). Odgers Berndtson Finland is part of the team bringing the group to executives. During the program, you will also get to train together with top-level athletes aiming for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The training program culminates in the team traveling to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games where you will be a VIP guest of the Finnish Olympic Committee along with the Finnish national team.

Are you ready to join the Tokyo 2020 team? There are only 12 slots in the team for those thirsty for development and performance at the highest level.


To hear more and sign up, please contact:


Petteri Kilpinen

+357 50 579 5555


Antti Hagqvist

+358 440 111 415

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