About the program

CEOx1Day is a program that creates competence development between young talents and some of the country’s leading CEOs by matching them for a day. The program is currently running in 12 countries worldwide, with more to follow. In autumn 2016, we launched CEOx1Day for the first time in Denmark.

What’s in it for you?

CEOx1Day provides master students and last year bachelor students with the opportunity to use in-class learning in real-world situations, equipping them with valuable skills to help shape their future.

  • Participating in the application phases will provide you with valuable skills and experience for future job searches

  • About half of the applicants will be given the opportunity to complete an online leadership assessment and receive a personalized report from Hogan Assessments. The report will provide feedback on your leadership skills, including relationship building, goal setting and strategic thinking

  • Finalists will have the opportunity to network with other candidates, as well as representatives from Odgers Berndtson and our partners

  • Finalists will participate in group exercises, solve a case and be challenged in a one-on-one interview

  • Winners will spend a day with an experienced CEO, learning about the CEO’s background, career path and leadership approach

  • Winners will have the opportunity to provide the CEO with valuable insight about what drives the next generation

Why CEOs are getting involved

The CEOx1Day program will uncover some of Denmark’s most promising future talents. By bridging the gap between leaders and young talents, the CEOs are given a unique opportunity to better understand what drives the next generation of leaders.

Applications are now closed. Thank you for your participation.

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