Candidate Charter

Talented people are our lifeblood.

Talented people are our lifeblood. For the past 50 years Odgers Berndtson has been dedicated to their clients and candidates alike. With every placement we ensure that not only the personality and qualifications fit specific requirements, but also a cultural match between candidate and client exists.

Our goal is to provide our client with knowledge, methods and drive every step of the hiring process in order to create top-notch management teams. We recognise that we have a commitment to you as well as to our client, and we undertake that our dealings with you will be professional, courteous, rigorous and honest.

Whether we approach you about a specific opportunity, or you contact us to share your biography and career ambitions, we want you to have a constructive experience of engaging with Odgers Berndtson in which we provide you with feedback, suggestions and market insights. We would like to build long-lasting relations with the people we encounter during the hiring process.

We will:

  • Work effectively with you to further develop your career.

  • Approach you after considered analysis, and in relation to roles in which your career can progress.

  • Be sure that you are informed of the client’s requirements.

  • Communicate with you before and after interviews in order to receive your feedback.

  • Represent you effectively and discreetly to our client, based on accurate information that you give us in confidence and according to data privacy regulations.

  • Communicating outcomes promptly, giving fair and honest feedback where we can.

  • Celebrate your success in the event of a successful outcome, and share any lessons in the event of disappointment.

  • Take a long-term view, recognising that you have a multi-year view of your own career. Where possible, we will help you fulfill your ambitions.

If ever you feel we have not lived up to the letter or spirit of this charter, please tell us. We want to know.


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