Odgers Berndtson's Vancouver Partners Elaine Grotefeld and Esther McGregor hosted a Women in Clean Tech networking event that showcased A Plastic Ocean, an award-winning documentary to over 30 executive women at their downtown office.

The adventure documentary gathered an international team of adventurers, researchers, and Ocean ambassadors to uncover the shocking truth about plastics lurking in our oceans. The film showcased the toxic effect of rapidly accumulating plastics in our waters and environment, and their impact on fish and birds, as well as humans.

Emma Langson, Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Canada led a lively discussion at the event about what the team uncovered in our oceans, and how we can reduce the amount of plastics in them moving forward. For this group in particular, one bright note in the film was that Canadian clean tech company PyroGenesis’ advanced plasma torch technology reverse-engineers plastic back to dust in US Navy ships. Watching the documentary uncovers the startling amount of plastics from everyday items in our precious water supply. After watching, you may never want to eat another oyster, buy another plastic water bottle or take a coffee cup-to-go again.

Odgers Berndtson’s Women in Clean Tech networking group brings together women from all areas of clean tech, sustainability and environmental protection. Clean tech and renewable energy constitutes Canada’s fastest growing sector, and British Columbia is a hot bed of world-class innovation in this space. Our Renewables and Clean Tech practice works with early stage ventures pioneering new technologies through to global players entering or expanding in this exciting sector.

If you would like to know more about the Women in Clean Tech group or our Renewables and Clean Tech practice, please contact Elaine Grotefeld directly.

Emma Langson addresses an engaged audienceEmma Langson addresses an engaged audience

A lively discussion and refreshments followed the screeningA lively discussion and refreshments followed the screening 




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