The pace of development in science and technology is unparalleled. Some call it the fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.

Digital technologies are advancing into virtually every aspect of our daily lives at breath-taking speed.

The Science and Technology issue of Observe, the Odgers Berndtson global magazine, grapples with the issues and opportunities facing companies, governments and each and every one of us.

There’s an in-depth piece on food security and food production, explaining how technology and science have become vital tools to try and solve the looming global food crisis.

We look at how women in science and tech continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

You can also learn how the construction industry must change to benefit from new technologies, and understand how the so-called ‘unbanked’ in Third World countries are using financial technology.

We delve into ‘dark’ factories (you won’t see very much!) and examine what leaders must do to combat cybercrime.

Our profile is of Erik Anderson, tech entrepreneur and Chairman of Singularity University.

There’s even a look at the amazing (and, in this case, amusing) business world of 2068.

There’s much more in Observe issue 13 that we hope stimulates your mind and gets us all to think outside the box. There has never been a more crucial moment to do so.

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Lisa Hooker

Lisa Hooker is a Partner in Odgers Berndtson’s Austin office and a member of the firm’s Technology Practice. With more than 20 years of executive search experience, she specializes in recruiting se...



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