Odgers Berndtson Partner and National Diversity Leader Jane Griffith was recently interviewed by Business in Vancouver about how the firm achieved gender parity with this year’s CEOx1Day program – with women making up more than half of the participating CEOs. The program is designed to match top university students with CEOs across Canada for a day of mentorship and leadership lessons.

In the interview, Jane emphasized the importance of moving from role modelling to normalizing female leadership for the younger generation, who she believes are all looking for workplaces that don’t question the value of diversity, equity and inclusion. “We need to get to a place where seeing a female leader in our workplace is not extraordinary or outside the norm.”

Jane also stressed the need to stop assessing talent through the lens of gender, sharing some interesting research on some of the biases that have been identified in the workplace. Examples included everything from the differences in the language used in the performance reviews of men versus women, to discrepancies in how venture capitalists view funding opportunities when it’s a male versus a female leader.




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