The submission to the Commons Science and Technology Committee was authored by Michael Drew, Partner and Head of Technology at Odgers Berndtson UK, and is published on the Committee’s website.

It makes clear that the biggest constraint to technological advance is talent, and the UK needs more digital-savvy business leaders and a greater supply of skilled professionals to realize its potential.

Keeping up

Leaders of the next industrial revolution must understand digital and keep up with the pace of change, rather than simply retaining and maintaining current technologies. Business in the UK will increasingly rely on the innovations of technology savvy executives, so it is important to understand how to attract and retain this fiercely fought-over talent.

Growing talent

Similarly, our technology industry needs to continue to grow the type of top talent which pioneered projects such as Google’s recent acquisition, DeepMind.  Attraction into STEM subjects must continue to concentrate on women and BME students, and subsequent career pathways must be signposted for them.  

Whichever countries best address these and other talent challenges will reap the benefits of growth across their digital economies in the coming 20 years.

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For further insights into how the UK can continue to lead the digital revolution after Brexit and the role of the right leadership talent:

Read Odgers Berndtson Parliamentary Submission

About the summit

The Commons Science and Technology Committee will host a Brexit and science summit on 22 February which intends to identify actions needed now to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities for UK science, research, and innovation after Brexit. The Committee aims to present the results to Government at the start of phase-II of the Brexit negotiations with the EU.

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