On Thursday, February 8th, Chairman & CEO, Carl Lovas, was recognized for his and Odgers Berndtson’s 20 year commitment to the Toronto Region Board of Trade. Carl’s passion for Toronto and his belief that talent lies at the core of the region and its organization’s successes was brought to life at the prestigious event. A thank you video for Carl featured some of the city’s business leaders who spoke to his passion and pride in shaping Toronto as the vibrant and successful global city it is known as today.


A marquee event that gathers the city’s top public and private sector leaders kicked off with Toronto Region Board of Trade’s President & CEO, Jan De Silva reinforcing the event theme that Toronto’s time to embrace the global spotlight is now. The keynote speaker Daniel Doctoroff, CEO of Sidewalk Labs, stated that Toronto has “a rich urbanist legacy”, making it the clear choice and first city in the world for the company to pilot its smart cities project destined for its waterfront. The 2018 Toronto Region Builder Award recipient, Mohammad Al Zaibak, echoed De Silva’s and Doctoroff’s remarks of Toronto’s embracement of diversity, as he arrived in Canada from Syria decades ago. A humble Al Zaibak built a successful career and raised his family in Toronto, a place which he proudly calls home.

Below are some photos from the event:

 Carl Lovas, Chairman & CEO, Odgers Berndtson, his wife Kathy Lovas and daughter Ali Lovas

 Carl Lovas, Chairman & CEO, Odgers Berndtson, his wife Kathy Lovas and daughter Alli Lovas

Jeremy Thompson, Janet De Silva, Daniel Doctoroff and Carl Lovas.

Jeremy Thompson, Jan De Silva, Daniel Doctoroff and Carl Lovas

Daniel Doctoroff speaks to the dinner crowd.

Daniel Doctoroff speaks to the dinner crowd

Visit bot.com/events to see what else the Board has planned for 2018 and view the full image gallery from the 130th Annual Dinner here.



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