CEOx1Day Marketing Toolkit

Your one-stop-shop to spread the word about CEOx1Day on your campus

Every year, we create a unique CEOx1Day marketing toolkit to help you to get the word out to your students about this exciting program.

With key information about eligibility, timelines, plus useful tips for students who are thinking of applying to the program, printable posters, social media content, and more, you’ll want to keep this handy for all of your CEOx1Day promotional needs.

2019/2020 CEOx1Day Marketing Toolkit


CEOx1Day 2019 poster - Ontario Schools - 8" x 11" 8" x 14" 

CEOx1Day 2019 poster - Western Schools - 8" x 11" 8" x 14" 

CEOx1Day 2019 poster - Quebec Schools - 8" x 11" 8" x 14" 

Digital Campus Ads

Use these slides to advertise CEOx1Day on TVs and screens across campus!

Ontario Schools  Quebec Schools  Western Schools

Social Media Materials

Use these images to advertise CEOx1Day on your university Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels!

Social Media Images

Email Banner

Use this email banner in your e-communications (direct emails and newsletters) to promote the CEOx1Day program directly to students.

CEOx1Day Logo

Download CEOx1Day Logo in full-resolution

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