Norsat Hosts UBC Student for CEO x 1 Day Program

Norsat International's website announces President and CEO Dr. Amiee Chan will be shadowed by a UBC Engineering student.

On Friday, February 5th, Norsat played host to Jasmine Nikkari, a third year University of British Columbia engineering student as part of the Odgers Berndtson, CEO x 1 Day Program.

CEO x 1 Day matches third and fourth year university students with some of Canada’s leading CEOs. Students from across the country have been paired with presidents and CEOs from industries that range from retail and technology, to sports and government, providing an extraordinary range of experiences. The program gives students an opportunity to take in-class learning and apply it to a real world situation and equips them with the tools and skills to start building their careers.

On the flip side, the CEO x 1 Day program gives CEOs an opportunity to connect and better understand what drives the next generation of leaders. Norsat’s participation shows the organization’s commitment to supporting youth by investing in their career development and creating opportunities for future leaders.

During the day Jasmine shadowed Dr. Amiee Chan, Norsat’s President and CEO, as well as met with other company VPs and Managers to get a better understanding of how the organization runs.

As part of the day Norsat’s Social Committee hosted a Chinese New Year celebration with a catered lunch, and a range of Chinese New Year themed games.CEOx1day_Amiee_Jasmine_game

Jasmine commented, “It was a fantastic day, and I truly appreciated all I saw and learned, as well as the effort you put in to make me feel welcomed and involved.”

We wish Jasmine the best of luck in the rest of the 2015-2016 school year and in her future endeavors. Who knows… maybe she will grace the halls of Norsat with her presence in a future internship or job opportunity?