Shahrzad Rafati

Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV

Shahrzad RafatiShahrzad Rafati is the Founder and CEO of BroadbandTV (BBTV), a digital entertainment company that exists to empower creators and inspire audiences. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the company is the world’s third largest video property after Google and Facebook in terms of unique viewers.

Shahrzad has been the spirited drive and energy that has propelled BBTV to success. She has personally brokered successful deals with major media companies, music publishers, telcos, professional sports leagues and Internet giants. The company generates over 34 billion monthly impressions, and 204 million hours viewed per month. Shahrzad is building one of the strongest ecosystems in digital video worldwide by connecting BBTV’s owned and operated brands, content, top talent, millennial audiences, and digital platforms, powered by its smart proprietary technology.

In addition to building an incredibly successful company that has experienced phenomenal growth, Shahrzad has built a quadruple bottom line business and measures success not only on financial performance but also employee & culture, social & community, and environmental KPIs. BBTV has a 0% pay gap between male and female employees, 43% of its employees are now females, and 46% of its managers are female managers.

In addition to BBTV’s achievements, Shahrzad actively pursues ways to encourage social change and is a champion for equality in all forms. She is passionate about job creation, education, and advancing opportunities for women, girls, and refugees.

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