Program Benefits

Gain insights into leadership, mentoring Millennials & the path to the C-suite

The CEOx1Day program offers a win-win for students and executives alike:

Benefits for participating students:

  • Real-world experience: The rigorous selection process provides valuable skills and experiences for future job searches. In addition, semi-finalists participate in group exercises and one-on-one meetings, thereby strengthening their presentation and interviewing skills.

  • Deep insights into personal leadership skills: Two out of three applicants will have the opportunity to receive a personalized leadership assessment and report from Hogan Assessments. The report will provide feedback on leadership skills, including relationship-building, goal-setting, and strategic thinking, in addition to areas of development.

  • Real employment opportunities: All CEOx1Day semi-finalists are considered for an interview with McKinsey & Company for a summer internship or full-time placement.

  • Professional networking exposure: Semi-finalists have the opportunity to make connections with peers and professionals in the executive search field.

  • Putting valuable leadership skills to work: Finalists spend a full day shadowing a CEO (including one-on-one time), learning about their background, career path, and leadership approach, and take part in their daily activities, as they attend meetings, speak with organizational stakeholders, and other experiences unique to each CEO’s workday.

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Benefits for participating CEOs and their organizations:

  • Access to and engagement with up-and-coming talent: The CEOx1Day program uncovers some of Canada’s most promising future leaders while providing CEOs with an opportunity to connect and better understand what drives the next generation of leaders.

  • Meaningful reverse-mentorship experience: The CEOx1Day experience is both meaningful and memorable for the CEO and the student.

  • Powerful promotional opportunity: A dedicated resource from Odgers Berndtson works closely with each participating organization to coordinate and promote the program throughout the year via a national media relations, social media, and email marketing campaign. With the help of our media partners, TalentEgg and the Globe and Mail, we ensure that a selection of CEOs and their organizations receive coverage throughout and after CEOx1Day events (e.g., TalentEgg coverage of University of Victoria student’s CEOx1Day experience with Ballard Power Systems; this article penned by Campbell Company of Canada’s Ana Dominguez and featured in the Report on Business’s “Leadership Lab”). Participating organizations’ logos are also posted prominently across various media channels and advertisements.

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