Inclusion and Diversity

Unlimited is our philosophy, our commitment and our call to action on Inclusion & Diversity.

Unlimited is what we call our inclusion and diversity initiatives. Because without including everyone, and everything they can do, we won’t ever see the true potential of the talent that’s our lifeblood.

It begins with our commitment to inclusion and belonging in our own workplace.

We want our people to do their roles without limits because we know it will drive better individual and business results for our clients, our candidates, our colleagues and our communities. It means valuing each and every individual for who they are and what they can do, whilst supporting them to do it.

Challenging bias

Creating a culture of inclusion requires openness, support, and sometimes, a little bravery too.

So, we ask our employees to consider their own behaviours, to identify and challenge their own biases and assumptions, to think about the language they use and to consider their impact on others.

Shared values

Our Global Unlimited Council has 70 colleagues from across the world. Together, they drive a range of inclusion and diversity initiatives within Odgers Berndtson. Their job is to robustly challenge and fundamentally improve our internal and professional practices. Often, that means partnering with many external initiatives and organisations that are making positive change, removing discrimination and creating trust.

At Odgers Berndtson, Unlimited is fundamental to everything we do for:

  • Our clients – we access the most diverse talent pool and recruit the best people
  • Our candidates – we challenge our clients to consider the parameters of each role, and actively engage with the broadest range of candidates
  • Our colleagues – we act with integrity and champion the behaviours and values we believe in
  • Our communities – we reach out to and work with organisations of influence

Evidence of this ethos is illustrated by our attainment of the highest government accreditation for search companies on gender diversity – the Executive Search Voluntary Code of Conduct, and placements of some notable firsts across the UK.

We are committed to advancing Inclusion and Diversity in Odgers Berndtson and the world at large, read our Inclusion and Diversity 2020 report.  

We support the legislation to increase gender pay gap transparency. See our Gender Pay Gap report 2019.

To find out more about Unlimited, or if Odgers Berndtson feels like the kind of place you’d like to work, get in touch.

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