Hiring senior executives successfully has always been a risky business despite the many valid techniques deployed in the recruitment process to reduce the failure rate. Amongst these is the use of a quality search firm to attract the best candidates and add value where references and reputation are concerned. Insights from assessments and psychometrics are very effective to and yet mistakes are still common place.

Odgers Berndtson believes however that much of the risk is attached to the post appointment phase, in the weeks and months after the initial honey moon period when demands and expectations really start to kick in.

This paper argues that this is when results focused executive coaching is at its most needed and effective. Progressive research also confirms that performance coaching materially impacts on the success of new hires and the case is made to embrace it as an integral part of any talent management strategy.


De-risking hiring senior executives

Martin Noakes

Martin Noakes is a Partner at Odgers Berndtson and a member of the firm's Technology, Entertainment & Communications Practice leading C level assignments for global communications providers and tec...



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