In our Summer Newsletter, we announced our Listening Exercise. Over the last few months we have been out and about listening to your key challenges, and seeking your thoughts and reflections on how we can develop our partnership, continuing to add value to organisations in different ways.

It is clear that these continue to be complex times for healthcare, and there seem to be a number of interesting “pinch-points”, particularly for NHS organisations. For example, recruitment to Assistant Director level is seen as very challenging. Interestingly, there seems to be an appetite for increasingly bringing in private sector experience to broaden the pool of expertise and diversity of experiences available to NHS organisations at that level.

We have also had a number of discussions about the need for new skill sets.  Now more than ever, working across a whole health system is required to be an effective operator in this modern health service. All leaders, therefore, need to be able to work collaboratively across organisational boundaries and demonstrate the skills required in order to do so effectively.

In response to your comments, we have:

  • Developed our offering for non-executive recruitment, now with the capability to analyse the strengths of your existing board expertise and identify those areas where you may need to strengthen expertise for the future.

  • Accelerated our programme to bring new talent into the sector at the sub-board level and we can offer this capability across finance, HR, procurement, IT, estates and now in specific operational areas.

  • Built our diversity framework to enable us to go deeper and further in our efforts to broaden the diversity of talent that we can bring you through executive search.

Our listening exercise will continue over the coming months, and we would welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts. Please do get in touch for a more in-depth discussion on our strategies to tackle the challenges mentioned above, and other matters relating to talent in healthcare. 



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