Selection process

Through a rigorous selection process, Odgers Berndtson Brussels chooses five students with strong leadership potential from the applicants from Solvay Brussels School EM’s Masters program and matches each of them with a CEO from one of Belgium's most prominent companies.

Phase 1: Enrollment

Students complete and submit an application form which is reviewed by Odgers Berndtson’s team of executive search experts.

The application includes:

  1. Contact information;

  2. Academic information;

  3. Experience: CV, including paid/unpaid work experience, extra-curricular activities, community/volunteer experience, awards;

  4. Personal career goals;

  5. Expectations from first employment;

  6. Thoughts on leadership;

  7. Reason why to choose the applicant;

  8. Evaluation Criteria: Students are evaluated on their grade average, the breadth of their work/volunteer experience and extra-curricular activities, and the quality of the written material.

Read the CEO for a Day introduction document for applicants.

Timing: before 30 November 2019. The deadline to apply has passed. Thank you for your interest!

Phase 2: Online Leadership Assessment

Selected students are asked to complete an online Hogan assessment to create a profile of their competencies and leadership potential which is then reviewed by our consultants.

Evaluation Criteria: Applicants are assessed on the strengths and competencies that are reflective of a confident and ambitious individual who handles stress effectively, is politically astute and dependable, and who values learning and developing new skills (all applicants receive their results by email).

Timing: December 2019

Phase 3: Phone Interviews

Quarter-finalists are contacted for a 15-minutes telephone interview with one of our executive search partners.

Evaluation Criteria: Applicants are evaluated on the quality of answers to the interview questions and their ability to articulate themselves over the phone.

Timing: early January 2020

Phase 4: Personal Interviews/Evaluation

Semi-finalists are invited to a half-day evaluation at the Odgers Berndtson office in Brussels.

Semi Final Group CEOx1Day Belgium 2019

The 2019 semi-finalists with two partners of Odgers Berndtson Belgium

Semi-finalists participate in individual and group exercises, including speed-interviewing and presentations, and have an opportunity to meet and network with some of Odgers Berndtson’s partners. Students selected for this phase receive personal feedback on the online leadership assessments they complete in Phase Two.

Evaluation Criteria: Semi-finalists are assessed on how they think on their feet, how they work in a group situation and on their overall fit with our CEOs, through activities like case studies, presentations and personal interviews.

Timing: 4 February 2020

Phase 5: CEOx1Day Event

Each finalist spends a full day shadowing a CEO and learning about their background, career path, and how they create value in the organisation.

Finalists have an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with the CEO, attend meetings with their leadership team and tour the company’s facilities. Each CEOx1Day event includes elements unique to the host company, that ensure a meaningful and memorable experience for both the student and the CEO.

Timing: February - March 2020

“Without hesitating, it was a thrilling experience, in terms of selection, day as a CEO, and relationship that I maintained with the CEO that I shadowed (Olivier Chapelle, Recticel) has impact on my decisions (…).” - Hadrien Duhem, ex-participant – now Investment Associate at Belgian Investment Fund Sofina