Five Master-2 students spent a day with Belgian business leaders

All the students took away some fresh insights about leadership. Here are some of their observations.


Alysée Spencer with Paul Dujardin, CEO Bozar

A good leader has the right combination between human, conceptual and technical skills.

Vanden Borre

Charles-Henri de Maleissey, CEO Fnac Vandenborre, with Oliviero Gianfagna

Be passionate about your job, believe in the culture of the company and share it every day with all stakeholders.

Google Belgium

Emma Declercq with Thierry Geerts, CEO Google Belgium

It is about having passion, having a vision and empowering people.

PwC Belgium

Jan-Willem Van Lancker and Axel Smits, CEO PwC Belgium

Leadership is about flexibility - while juggling between different leadership styles according to the audience, transparency is always a key point.


Martin Nolf and Bernard Delvaux, CEO Sonaca

A modern leader doesn’t impose any form of hierarchy, but includes the people and leads by example. While seeing the big picture, s/he at the same time extracts the key points and separates consequence from cause. A balance between “no-nonsense” and emotional intelligence makes colleagues want to follow him/her.