CEOx1Day stories

Discover more stories from the CEOx1Day programme's past participants.

Iyas Aït Benhiba

Iyas Aït Benhiba at Degroof Petercam

"A really interesting and inspiring day. Our relationship was amazing. We were straight, honest, polite but also informal. We shared the same points of view on several important topics relating to youth, the notions of change and leadership. The 30 minutes debriefing we had at the end of the day, I enjoyed most."

Lenka Slezakova

Lenka Slezakova at Telenet

"It was very enriching. I not only got the opportunity to job shadow John for one day, but I could actively participate in the discussions and bring some insights into the way that my generation thinks and works. It was very personal and informal. John not only was willing to share his experiences with me, but we got to discuss many other global issues."

Loïk-Maël Nys

Loïk-Maël Nys at Solvay

"Having debriefings after each meeting and ask open questions to what he would answer with a lot of honesty and transparency. One of the outputs I got from this experience was to understand the underlying dynamics of the job, how to deal with high-stakes conversations or lead in an effective way."

Romane Goldmuntz

Romane Goldmuntz at EVS

"The privileged moments I had were with Muriel in the car and the lunch we had with other millennials to talk about what our generation expected from a job (very interesting conversation). I did not expect that a CEO could be so available and reachable for his/her employees."

Sebastiano Federighi

Sebastiano Federighi at AGC

"I loved it. The word amazing is not strong enough to describe the day I spent. The selection process, as well as the day spent with the CEO, made me realize that I might have what it takes to become a leader of tomorrow. Nevertheless the path to undertake is still long and full of pitfalls."

Timoty de Meester photo

Timothy de Meester

"I will have great memories of this day with Arnaud Feist. I admire his abilities to analyse, to decide and to negotiate. His leadership style could be summarised as a calm and humble one, with attention to detail and the will to coordinate all the actions within the company to nurture its long-term strategy. I clearly recommend this experience to any student." 

William de Vliegher

William De Vliegher 

"It was a real privilege to be able to shadow Dominique Leroy for a whole day. I was positively surprised how welcoming and approachable she was and she impressed me in many ways. In particular, her constant sharpness and the way she manages the relations with all the different stakeholders (employees, clients, shareholders, media, etc.) is truly impressive and inspiring."

Hadrien Duhem photo

Hadrien Duhem

 "It was an extraordinary experience. I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to witness one day of a CEO, and not only witness, but taking part in it. I particularly appreciated the fact that Olivier Chapelle gave me the opportunity to interact and share my opinion during the meetings; this was exceptional and I felt so empowered! "

Nicolas Chavotier photo

Nicolas Chavotier

"My warm and grateful thanks go to Odgers Berndtson for allowing me to participate in this program. It was conducted with remarkable professionalism and a truly appreciable commitment to make the most out it for both the CEO and us, participants. Philippe Delusinne’s leadership style is one of experience, embodying a humanist approach to his functions and considering everybody equally."