Odgers Berndtson Australia celebrated the 50 year anniversary of global executive search by holding a private viewing of the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW on Thursday, 25th August.

The event was attended by over 100 guests and their partners from the Technology, Higher Education, Financial Services, Media, Cultural, Health and Research sectors with guest speaker Dr Alan Finkel AO, the Australian Chief Scientist. Dr Finkel’s speech was well received with the help of a test tube and paint tube, showing how career paths can take many exciting turns and you should not be pigeon holed.

Dr Finkel also tied in his speech with the Archibald exhibition, asking the audience to look at the subject of the artwork, rather than the artist. Scientists and artists are often interested in the same issues, though they come at it with different perspectives and tools. He gave examples of great scientists whose portraits had been entered in previous years and their unexpected beginnings.

Julie Steiner, Managing Director Australia, introduced Dr Finkel and discussed the importance of executive search and our role in shaping careers.

“The ability to identify, develop and motivate ambitious and talented individuals and teams remains a vital point of competitive advantage for companies and other organisations, regardless of their size, sector or objectives. We help organisations recruit the best people for their most important jobs. In an increasingly connected and complex world, and in a time of widespread economic uncertainty, we believe our services are more critical than ever.”

Mark Pretty (Managing Director Australia) and Julie Steiner, the hosts for the evening, wish to thank all our guests for such a memorable evening.

Below is a link to a gallery of photos taken at the event.



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