The third annual Odgers Berndtson and Diabetes NSW & ACT Charity Golf Day took its cue from the all-inclusive diabetes community ethos: DIABETES DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE - NOR SHOULD WE.

To this end, we set ourselves the challenge of holding the most inclusive and diverse charity golf day to date. Pleasingly, with 22 female golfers this year, we increased their attendance by over 340% versus 2016. Still not enough, but certainly momentum is in the right direction. 

Group Shot Odgers Berndtson and Diabetes NSW & Act Gold Charity Day

Another of the goals for 2017 was to lift the profile of the event, which we did with the quality of sponsors, including Telstra, EY and many other quality names.

Finally, and most importantly, we had a target of $120,000 to beat – we surpassed this with $140,000 in funds raised (so far), once again setting a higher bar for next year’s event organisers.

With 132 players on the day, the opportunity to win a hole-in-one prize of $50,000, and not forgetting the weather gods who left it to the last minute to support us, it was a great day.

The funds raised will go into programs and services supporting children living with type 1 diabetes. It’s worth remembering that with no known cure, the impact of this lifelong condition on children and their families can be devastating.

Many thanks go out to a very devoted steering committee, led by Paul Rush and Sturt Eastwood, CEO Diabetes NSW & ACT.

Words of appreciation

Sturt Eastwood, Diabetes NSW & ACT CEO

“Against what is arguably the greatest health crisis facing Australia, 2017 has been another year of achievement for Diabetes NSW & ACT. Our level of impact in terms of awareness, policy influence and service delivery has never been higher. Odgers Berndtson, as the naming sponsor and organising partner of our most successful charity golf day, ever, must be recognised. The time, energy and commitment they have applied for the benefit of complete strangers tells me that they are amongst the very short list of authentic organisations that truly stand behind every word they say. A heartfelt and sincere “thank you” to all of the team at Odgers Berndtson."

Bonnie Boozeman, Advisory Board Member

“November 28th, 2017 was a stunning fundraiser for Diabetes NSW. Adopting the committee’s mission of raising awareness for the serious illness that pervades Australia, and the world, and raising valuable funds for the Diabetes  Kid’s fund, a successful day was staged once again at the beautiful Castle Hill golf course.

“One of the aims this year was to be the most inclusive and diverse golf charity event on the corporate calendar. And we achieved that goal in spades. In 2016 we had 5 women participate, and this year we had 22 women participate or an increase of 340%! And the change in energy, laughter and fun due to the diversity really made such a difference to the dynamic and we will work hard to increase this participation for 2018.

“One of the fun features this year was a $50,000 hole-in-one prize donated generously by EY. There were some close contenders, but no-one took out the big prize.

“We are also happy to report we topped last year’s amazing amount of money to over $140,000 with very strong support from some major sponsors such as Telstra as the principal sponsor. And many sponsors were so pleased, they are keen to support this professionally-run golf day next year.

“The funds raised will go into programs and services supporting children living with type 1 diabetes. There is no known cure for type 1 diabetes and the impact on children and their families can be devastating.

“Many thanks go out to a very devoted steering committee, led by Paul Rush and Sturt Eastwood, CEO Diabetes NSW & ACT.”

Woman Player Odgers Berndtson and Diabetes NSW & Act Charity Golf Day

From the players:

“Best golfing event with purpose I have ever been to. Right down to the coffees and range balls, every detail covered. And the amount of money raised...congratulations.”  Mark Wray, Aranooka.

“We always love getting out for a game of golf with my colleagues and even better when it’s for a good cause and a good charity like this one.” Mitchell Phillips, Genesys.

“It’s a ripping day, great to be out of the office and enjoying the great Sydney weather. Beautiful course, I’m from Melbourne, so this is a different sort of course, but it’s in great condition.”  Ken Boal, Cisco.

“This is one of the best golf days, I’m actually very aware of the increase of diabetes in this country and I think it’s wonderful to be able to bring attention to it.” Deborah Hutton, Media Personality.

“It’s been terrific, it’s great to get out there and have a game of golf for a very good cause.” Narelle Sohier, Diabetes NSW & ACT.

“It’s a fantastic day, the course is beautiful, the people are great and it’s for a really good cause. Well done to Odgers Berndtson for participating and contributing so much to what is a good cause.”  John Rawlinson, Counterpoint Group.

“Overall, a great day. A good day and a good cause.” Bob Behnke, Caltex.


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