The role of a country or region Managing Director within a multinational is a complex one. In the fast-paced, quarterly driven environment of the technology sector, this complexity is often magnified.

High expectations and high levels of accountability exist, whilst the country Managing Director often has little control over products and solutions being sold in the local market. There is pressure to comply with a global operating model developed with limited understanding of the nuances of local markets.

A leader who thrives in this environment and who understands these complexities is critical to the success of multinationals in the Australia and New Zealand region.

Two years ago, Odgers Berndtson interviewed 30 country Managing Directors from multinational technology companies in the Australia and New Zealand region to better understand the opportunities and challenges that they face and specifically what could local Managing Directors do to increase the chance of success and be sufficiently empowered to influence business performance as opposed the role of pure sales execution for the local franchise?

Given the advancement and speed of disruption in the market, we thought it would be interesting to speak to this audience again to see if these themes were still relevant when ensuring success.

Interestingly, most of the challenges, opportunities and specifics remain the same – but there was one BIG new theme that emerges. Read about it here….


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