19 December 2017


Matt Carroll, Chief Executive officer (CEO) of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), today announced two new appointments filling the roles of Head of People and Culture and Head of Public Affairs and Communications to complete the AOC’s Senior Management team.

Both positions were created after an evaluation of the AOC’s organisational restructure while taking into account the recommendations of The Ethics Centre review of AOC culture.

Amie Wallis will fill the role of Head of People and Culture who with Matt Carroll will take responsibility for implementing The Ethic Centre’s review recommendations and importantly manage our athlete focused programs such as Athlete Transition.

Strath Gordon will fill the role of Head of Public Affairs and Communications responsible for the development of strategy to influence public policy, to continue to maintain the image and reputation of the AOC and to implement a communications strategy across all the AOC’s programs, particularly promoting sport in the community. The role will work with key stakeholders including the AOC’s commercial partners and national sport federations.

“I welcome Strath and Amie to the AOC both of whom have enormous depth in their respective career experience and were stand outs from a large number and strong field of applicants for both roles,” Carroll said.

“With these appointments we have two new senior managers that will not only capably fill their roles but add to the strength of our management team.
“I believe they are a good fit with our organisation and both appointments address recommendations of The Ethics Centre review.”

Amie Wallis is a Human Resources generalist with more than 16 years’ experience across a range of sectors.

As Head of People for NAB Business, she has built career opportunities for people within the banking industry to create banking as a Career Destination of Choice, and provides strategic HR direction to ensure the sustainability of the business and bringing the People Strategy to life.

Previously, Amie was a Senior Manager of People & Culture at the Victoria Racing Club, where she designed and managed a large scale end-to-end organisational and cultural change.

Amie brings significant experience partnering with senior executives to provide coaching, HR advice and strategic solutions across a number of industries including Professional Services, Insurance and Banking, Logistics, Technology and Sports and Entertainment.

Amie will start at the AOC in March 2018.

Strath Gordon is a communications specialist with 38 years’ experience in public affairs and media most recently working as Director of Public Affairs for the NSW Police where for more than a decade he has combined innovation, energy and leadership to reshape communications at Australia’s biggest law enforcement agency. This reshape has seen the NSW Police social media strategy and content production totally revolutionise their communication with the community.

Previously, Strath was Head of Media and Communications at the Australian Rugby Union for nine years, introducing new ideas for effective communications during a period of growth and success for the code.

A career of more than 20 years in senior public affairs roles has been complemented by a lengthy career in television and radio, including the role of Senior Producer of News at Channel Seven.

Strath has successfully managed numerous complex projects, campaigns and high-profile media issues, providing trusted advice to Police Commissioners, Ministers, CEOs and senior executives.

Strath will start at the AOC in January 2018.



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